WTSO presently offers the following “ONE STOP SHOP” end-to-end services:

Services listed are available for the following types of facilities: 500gpd to 100,000gpd Wastewater Plants, Oxidation Ponds, Oil/Water Separators, Grease Traps, Influent and Effluent Lift Stations, Sump and Catch Basins, Storm Water and Sewer Drains Collection Systems, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Systems as well as Over-Water (Oil, Platform, Crew Boat) Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Operation & Maintenance

WTSO specializes in the operation and maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Lift Stations and Potable Water Wells. WTSO’s operators are State Certified and OSHA Trained.

Wastewater Engineering

Engineering services offered by WTSO include the following: plant design/sizing, equipment sizing, effluent water requirements, discharge points and piping layout.

Facilities Fabrication

 WTSO offers design and fabrication services for wastewater treatment plants and lift stations (concrete and steel).

Facilities Installation (Turn Key)

WTSO also installs Turn Key systems to meet the needs of your facility.

Refurbishment & Modification of Existing Facilities

WTSO’s construction team specializes in the repair and rehabilitation of existing facilities as well as the modification of existing facilities to ensure compliance with all DEQ and DHH requirements.

Environmental Consulting and Training

WTSO offers environmental Consulting Services as well as training of on site personnel.

Over Water Operations and Maintenance

WTSO offers a full array of services for over water operations such as oil drilling platforms, crane barges, crew boats, freighters, etc. Services include plant operation and maintenance, repair, effluent sampling/testing, discharge monitoring and reporting and sludge removal. Most marine approved wastewater treatment plants require sludge removal every three to six months. WTSO is fully insured for operating treatment plants
in a marine environment.

Sewer Sludge Vacuuming & Disposal

WTSO offers vacuuming services for wastewater treatment plants, aerobic/anaerobic digesters, lift stations, and septic tanks. Wastewater treatment plants require a percentage of their mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) and sludge to be removed on a periodic basis in order to prohibit bulking or floating sludge. WTSO can vacuum sludge from your clarifier, aeration tanks or primary/secondary digesters. WTSO, optionally, can polymerize your aeration tanks and remove the concentrated sludge after it has settled.

Grease Interceptor Vacuuming & Disposal

WTSO offers vacuuming services for food service grease interceptors. We can provide one-time or contractual services for restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, etc. WTSO vacuums the food waste/grease and completely empties the grease interceptor. Once all grease is removed, WTSO washes the grease interceptor and removes the wash water. All waste is manifested and disposed of at certified disposal facilities. WTSO strongly recommends regular vacuuming of your grease interceptor within the timeframe and guidelines put forth by your local parish or county.


Collection / Discharge Line Jetting

WTSO offers jetting services for sanitary sewer collection and discharge lines. Periodic jetting reduces the chance of blockages and ruptures. FOG (fats/oils/grease) deposits restrict flow in collection / discharge pipes and can lead to illegal discharges from cleanouts, manholes or backups in offices or homes. Help prevent these unsanitary conditions by performing routine line jetting.


Other Specialized Services Offered by WTSO

Electronic Guidance System for Directional Jacking and Boring (From 2” to 6” Mains)

In-Pipe Technology for Odor and Deterioration Control

Sampling, Testing, Monitoring and Reporting

Permit Applications

Vacuum Services For Manifested Disposals

Microbial Enhancement Products for Septic Systems

Inspections of Commercial and Residential Wastewater Treatment Plants

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